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GPS devices are wonderfully capable but also complicated for the new user. GPS Primer provides GPS info explained in simple, everyday terms to get you started on the right foot in your travels.

GPS Primer Info Categories

GPS Primer organizes our GPS info into these categories:

The How GPS Works FAQ
Why do you have to be outside? Why does the accuracy vary so much as you move around? Is Big Brother recording every step? How does this whole thing work, anyway? Those are the kinds of questions answered here. And having these things explained will go a long way toward understanding why your GPS does what it does.

We put this early in The GPS Primer, even before the Basic GPS Skills page for a reason: to give YOU a reason to get excited about your GPS, and to have something to motivate you to get out and use it. You may have your heart set on a navigational unit for your car, and so may never go into the woods. But the skills of finding geocaches aren't much different than using your navigational GPS to find a hotel or restaurant. Both require being able to find a destination, and both have a reward at the end!

Basic GPS Skills
GPS receivers are wonderful tools, but they can get very complex. Before you pick up the manual, read this section. It will tell you what things are the most important to learn. Then the manual will make sense.

GPS Pitfalls
If you are new to GPS, there are several things that you might not expect. These include some confusing ways that GPS receivers can behave, as well as some practical and safety tips that might not occur to you. Rather than just throw you to the dogs to let you learn from hard experience, we clue you in on these pitfalls.

Garmin GPS Receiver Families Demystified
Garmin is a leader in GPS Unit development. It seems as if they have 50 models on the market! How do you know where to begin? To get you started, we have sorted out the different product families to give you an idea of how the models compare in features.

GPS Links
Well, we just can't cover all the details about GPS here. Then it wouldn't be a Primer. But we have collected other solid web references for you. All sites are personally reviewed by us. And we only choose the best of the sites we could find. We favor sites with lots of good information online for free.

Ready to get Primed? Before you leave this page, take a moment to read the GPS Glossary below. The terms defined here are used throughout the primer. Smooosh these into your head to help everything else was say a little clearer. Thanks for visiting The GPS Info Primer. Enjoy!