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GPS devices are wonderfully capable but also complicated for the new user. GPS Primer provides GPS info explained in simple, everyday terms to get you started on the right foot in your travels.

Four things that surprise new GPS owners

GPS units are very handy, but also advanced technology. They can be overwhelming. Here are some things about GPS devices that confuse someone using one for the first time.

1 Wow, does this thing eat batteries!
What cool electronic gadget doesn't? Just be prepared with extra batteries or a charger.

2 If I stand still, it doesn't seem to work right.
For most GPS receivers, you must be moving to get all the navigation features to work properly. Read more on the GPS Pitfalls page.

3 So many menu options, so little time!
But that's why you are here, right? To make sense of the gadget you have, or are thinking of buying? That's what The GPS Primer is for. We have distilled the essential information and skills for you to get started. Read through our various tutorial sections for a casual but accurate orientation to GPS receivers.

4 What do you mean I have to buy software, too?
Well, you don't NEED to buy software, but...if you want those detailed maps in your GPS receiver or if you want your computer to communicate with your GPS receiver, you may likely have to buy software or maps that did not come with your unit. Get the skinny on our GPS Essential Skills page.